Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Music: Sarah Jaffe-"Glorified High"

Sarah Jaffe premiered the first single off her upcoming album The Body Wins. The new LP isn't  due in stores until this April 24th on Kirtland Records, but Jaffe just unveiled the new track called, "Glorified High" over on IFC. The sophomore disc was produced by John Congleton, who has worked with Explosions In the Sky, The Walkmen, and St. Vincent.
Here's what Sarah had to say about the first single. (Via IFC) "Glorified High was a 30 second scrap of a demo that I sent to John Congleton while recording with him. It was among a handful of unfinished recordings that I sent to him to spark some ideas for new songs. Thinking about the song now that it’s complete, I’m fairly certain that the song would’ve never come into existence if we didn’t dig for it. I’m so grateful to John for that. A lot of the songs from this upcoming record were recycled hooks, or lyrics from short demos that I wouldn’t have thought twice about if it wasn’t for him."

Listen to "Glorified High" over on IFC HERE.


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