Friday, March 2, 2012

Tindersticks- "Frozen"

Let me start by saying I knew very little about the UK band the Tindersticks. The only thing I knew of them was that I've always heard their name mentioned as a major influence for bands like, The National, The Veils, and Richard Hawley to name a few. The bands career spans some 20 odd years, and they just released a brand new album recently called, The Something Rain. In getting familiar with their new album, and digging back in their older work I can see where people came up with the comparisons to the aforementioned artists. The bands dark brooding music paired with the baritone of frontman Stuart A. Staples have been the hallmark of the groups sound for years. Their music hits right in my sweet spot, and it's been fun poking around and learning their music, both new and old. I've been loving this one track in particular, "Frozen" off of the new disc. Give it a listen below and check out the bands website for their latest tour info.

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