Monday, March 12, 2012

Daughter Live @ Glasslands 3/10/12

With SXSW kicking into full gear this week, you'll be hearing a lot about bands and artists to watch for 2012 and beyond. If her debut shows in NYC this past weekend are any kind of early indication, I think it's a safe bet you'll be hearing a lot more about UK's, Daughter (Elena Tonra). I saw her and her band play to a packed house at Glasslands gallery in Brooklyn on Saturday night and it was truly a mesmerizing set. Daughter's voice on record has that odd quality of sounding confident and shy at the same time, but in concert that innocence really shined through and stole the room. Elena seemed genuinely in awe that she was playing to a full house, even commenting a few times how grateful & surprised they were that people were showing up to their first U.S shows. Playing songs off her two EP's that were released last year, His Young Heart and The Wild Youth, the 3 piece took control of the room early with a stunning version of, "Landfill" with great backing vocals provided by the guys in the band. Other highlights of the set for me included the popular, "Youth", and "Love" which slowly builded until the tension explodes in the song. Switching to play acoustic a couple of times during the show, another standout track was, "Candles" off of her first EP, His Young Heart.
If I had one complaint abot the show it would only be that I wish she had more songs to play, and that it lasted longer. Hopefully there's a full length in the future toward the end of the year.
But for now both EP's are available, and they were just recently added on iTunes via Glassnote music.

To see more of our photo's from the show check out our Facebook page HERE.

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