Wednesday, April 25, 2012

JBM- "Winter Ghosts"

I know this is a little bit of old news to some, but I'm just coming off a little vacation, so you'll have to forgive me. Brooklyn's Jesse Marchant aka JBM recently released the second single, "Winter Ghosts" from his upcoming disc, Stray Ashes which comes out next month, May 22nd on Western Vinyl. Where the first single, "Only Now" builds to an explosive burst halfway through, the new track holds back keeping things quiet and mellow.
In other JBM news, if your in the NYC area on May 19th he'll be playing with Damien Jurado at The Mercurly Lounge, with the pair adding a late set at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn after the Mercury Show. I couldn't be more excited for these shows.
Check out his website for the all the ticket info and to download the first two singles, "Only Now" and "Winter Ghosts" HERE.

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