Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Song of the Week: Soley- "I'll Drown"

I've been completely entranced by the new album, We Sink from Icelandic singer Sóley. You might be familiar with her work from the band Seabear, who were on a break and allowed her to pursue her solo project. The new disc is her first full length, and follows up her 2010 6 song EP, Theater Island. Right from the jump the opening track, "I'll Drown" sets the mood of the LP, her innocent voice contrasted by the dark lyrics and lo-tech arrangements with all it's clicks and clacks lending to the charm. The disc has a cinematic surreal quality and a quirkiness all at the same time, which makes it a very easy listen.

Get familiar with "I'll Drown Below" to see what I mean, and see if you don't get sucked in too. 

  Sóley: I'll Drown by morrmusicóley
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