Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get to Know: Still Corners

This UK four piece began when American expatriate Greg Hughes had a chance meeting with vocalist Tessa Murray on a train in London. “It sounds stupid but it’s completely true,” Hughes recalls. “I was on a train that was going to London Bridge. But for some reason it went to this other stop. And I got out, and this other person got out. It was Tessa.” A cinematic moment that is befitting of the bands music and influences. Hughes sees film as a major influence in the band, “There’re just certain things in certain movies, like older horror movies and other foreign films, that you see sometimes. They just have a certain vibe and atmosphere,” says Hughes. “You’ll see a girl walking towards a train, it’s very atmospheric. There’s a great vibe in that—all these little bits, these tiny moments. That’s what I was trying to go back to."

Their full-length debut, Creatures of an Hour is out now on Sub Pop records. Be sure to check out the standout track "Into The Trees." Stream the album below.

Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour by subpop

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