Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Song of the Week: Frightened Rabbit-"Fuck This Place"

This might sound crazy, but I think this track may be my favorite thing that Frighetned Rabbit has recorded. That's saying a whole lot because I'm a huge fan of the band. "Fuck This Place" comes off a recent three song EP the band put out (you can still grab it for free HERE) and it features a spine tingling duet with Camera Obscura's Tracyanne Campbell. Every time I hear her vocals come in on the second verse it's pure gold.
Here's what lead singer Scott Hutchinson had to say about the track and working with Tracyanne. "This is going to sound like total bullshit, but please don’t exhale a ‘pfft’ and stop reading when I say, this song started off as a dream. I honestly dreamt that i did a duet with a mystery female vocal on it and the ‘I don’t know these buildings’ line was definitely in that dream.
So when it came to the writing, I had two parts in my head all along. I have been a big Camera Obscura fan for a long time and when Tracyanne said she’d be up for this, I was incredibly chuffed and her vocal is just beautiful. It’s fairly obvious what it’s about, though I don’t think it’s necessarily a love story. Sometimes you just need looking after, and everyone can feel like a lost wee boy/girl from time to time, especially when you spend your life on tour."

  Fuck This Place by Frightened Rabbit 

"Fuck This Place"
An itch
My eye twitched like a memory of forgotten bars
One of those cities
One of those nights
Everyone's darling
Everyone's sweetheart
Just this drink to hold my hand
One glass of anything
Anything cheap
And I'm here just because
Everyone else has come just to be seen

Oh I don't know these buildings
I think I'm lost

In the perfumed armpit of time
Develop a deadline
These people are bricks
Six feet stones
Wrapped up in bones
Such disappointment on the paper is writ

So i stand still boring and bored
Fetching my eye again

Against the wall
At the end
At the close
Would you be good enough to take me home
'cause I don't know these buildings
I think I am lost
'cause I don't know these building
I think I am lost

Would you
Would you
would you be good enough to take me home?

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