Monday, January 11, 2010

new music from Local Natives- "Sun Hands"

Here's another hotly tipped band for 2010. Local Natives, will be releasing their debut album Gorilla Manor next month, February 16th via Frenchkiss Records. With comparisons flying around that are comparing the band to the likes of Fleet Foxes and even The Dodos, the group has been receiving high praise on the forthcoming CD, which is already out in the UK. Led by the brilliant harmonies of the album track, "Sun Hands" which the band recently gave away as a free download, it's easy to see at a quick glance why they have been tagged with the Fleet Foxes comparisons, but if you dig deeper into their music the bands music is more expansive and experimental going into darker, and more rock related territories. I have a feeling these guys might really blow up this year so jump on the bandwagon while you can. Really looking forward to hearing more of this one in the coming months.

"Sun Hands"

Local Natives on myspace.

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