Tuesday, January 12, 2010

get to know: Alcoholic Faith Mission

Like a lot of bands, Alcoholic Faith Mission, who hail from Denmark, came to Brooklyn and recorded their debut disc, Misery Loves Company back in 2006. Apparently enjoying the experience so much the band returned two years later and secluded themselves in an old factory loft in Williamsburg, the result of which is the hauntingly beautiful, 421 Wythe Avenue, named after their recording space. Mixing male & female vocal harmonies, over sweeping atmospheric synths, piano, acoustic guitars and even horns the band can keep you guessing from one track to the next. One of the highlights of the disc that was released back in 2009 is the tune "Nut In Your Eye" (check out the video below) which gives you a nice feel for the bands style. Plans are already in the works for a new album titled, Let This Be The Last Night We Care, and we'll keep you posted as to a release date when it becomes available.

"We All Have Shortcomings"

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