Thursday, August 6, 2009

William Fitzsimmons covers Kanye West-"Heartless"

In what might seem like one of the most unlikely pairings on paper, William Fitzsimmons cover of the Kanye West track, "Heartless" turns into one of the better fits of a cover song that I've heard this year. Fitzsimmons sparse take on the song gives it a new meaning and a heartbreak not felt on the original. The track appeared in a new article and interview with Fitzsimmons in Billboard magazine. Here's what William had to say when asked about the track.

You're obviously well-known for your own songwriting, what was it about Kanye's "Heartless" that made you want to perform it?
I've really always just wanted to get into top-40 hip-hop, as you can tell by the stuff I've done before, it's the natural next step [laughs]. But really, I'm drawn to anything that has a melancholic chord to it, and that song certainly has one. And there's something sort of fun of finding that, especially a song that people sort of don't take to be that serious, not that it's not a wonderful song-it's sort of in the vein of Jose Gonzales, who did a cover of one of Kylie Minogue's old songs called "Hand on your Heart." And it's straight up kind of bubble-gum pop, but the way he does it is he kind of rips the production to shreds, and it's actually kind of a heartbreaking and sweet and poignant song. I think that's true about "Heartless," and was maybe lost on some people, because it's Kanye and everything and the way it was produced.
To read the full Billboard article you can go here.
William also just added some new tour dates to his schedule which you can check out here.

Compare the two versions below.

Heartless - Kanye West

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