Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tim Williams: mending a broken heart (literally)

NYC singer-songwriter Tim Williams forthcoming album, Careful Love literally chronicles a battle of life and death. Following the release of his last LP and tour, Williams required intensive heart surgery that required his left pulmonary valve be replaced. Williams underwent the procedure in the summer of '08, which left him a long recovery and plenty of time to think, inevitably finding a way into his writing. One such track to be influenced was, “I Hit Another Wall,” of which Williams says ... “I wrote the song as a reminder of how lucky I was to make it through,” .... “It was physically the most painful experience in my life.”
'Careful Love' comes out October 20th on Dovecote Records (Ed Harcourt, Mason Proper).

I Hit Another Wall - Tim Williams

Careful Love track listing:
1. I Hit Another Wall
2. Ozone Street
3. Oceans
4. All In
5. Stilts
6. Love Hate
7. Murderous Air
8. Right All Along
9. 8x10
10. I Want to Die in California

Tim Williams on myspace.

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