Friday, October 31, 2008

Sara Lov covers Arcade Fire

One of the better cover songs I've come across lately comes from California singer/songwriter Sarah Lov. The former frontwoman of the pop group, the Devics recently came out with a new 5 song EP, The Young Eyes , in which she took on a cover of Arcade Fire's "My Body Is A Cage". Lov's take on the track suits it well with her soft whispy vocals accompanied by a simple melody on piano. 'The Young Eyes', which is her solo debut, is currently available only as a digital release, with a physically version due out sometime in January. You can download for a limited time a free version of the Arcade Fire cover over on her myspace.

My Body is A Cage - Sara Lov

The Young Eyes track listing:
New York
Timebomb (Beck cover)
Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming (piano version)
My Body Is a Cage (Arcade Fire cover)
Why Can't I Be

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