Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jenny Lewis- Acid Tongue

Songstress Jenny Lewis has made a name for herself crafting sweet indie pop in the California band Rilo Kiley. Now out with her second disc of solo work, Acid Tongue , Lewis establishes herself further from her indie rock past. Where her first solo effort, Rabbit Fur Coat saw her leaning more towards a sparse acoustic and gospel rooted sound, 'Acid Tongue' sees Lewis deliver a more countrified disc that is decidedly more dense and layered than her first LP. On tracks like the airy piano and string driven opener "Black Sand" and the soulful "Badman's World" Lewis comes across like a modern day torch singer. While on "Carpetbaggers" and the 8 plus minute medley "The Next Messiah" Lewis shows her rock roots. Lewis is at her best though on the discs slow crooners such as the closing track "Sing A Song" and the melancholy "Pretty Bird", which highlight Lewis' soft easy delivery.

'Acid Tongue' also sees Lewis call on some of her famous fellow musicians for guest appearances, ranging from She & Him, Elvis Costello and Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes. Although Lewis strays ultimately further away from the genre that has brought her success, 'Acid Tongue' provides futher support of her diversity as an artist, while also clearly showing her hitting her stride in her voice and her own skin.

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