Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cold War Kids- new 'Myspace Transmissions' & unreleased track

Cold War Kids recently appeared on myspace's music series 'myspace transmissions'. The series features 5 video performances and interviews from the group, as well as a free download of all the songs performed. The session saw the group play mostly songs off their new album Loyalty To Loyalty, which included one of our favorites off the disc, "I've Seen Enough". The session also saw CWK's bust out a previously unreleased track called "Coffee Spoon". Previous 'myspace transmissions' have featured Rogue Wave, Bon Iver and City And Colour. To download the 5 free tracks or to see any of the previous 'myspace transmissions' series click here.

Cold War Kids "I've Seen Enough" from MySpace Tran

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