Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ten Kens album review

Ten Kens first caught our attention this past June when they came out with their double A-sided single for the songs "Bearfight" and "Y'all Come Back Now". Both tracks of which are included on the bands new self titled full length that just came out on Fat Cat Records. The two songs still shine and are at the centerpiece of the new work, showcasing the bands indie lo-fi sensibilities. Along with the rest of the album, "Bearfight" & "Y'all Come back Now" are perfect examples of the bands versatility. Where "Bearfight" is all furious distortion filled guitars and crashing cymbals, the contrasting "Y'all Come Back Now" chugs along at a slacker pace highlighted by it's wobbly bassline and aching harmonies. The album is much more than those two songs though, "Spanish Fly" is garage, grunge rock at it's finest, while the slightly countrified twang of "Down Come Home" shows yet another side of the band.

While on tracks like "Refined" and "Your Kids Will Know" Ten Kens definitely give a nod to the early 90's sounds of groups like the Pixies and Sebadoh, they manage to keep things fresh, giving it their own take, in what i think would make those bands proud. A strong and diverse debut from the Toronto band, in the meantime you can check out the video below for "Bear Fight".

Ten Kens- "Bear Fight":

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