Wednesday, August 6, 2008

new video: Arsenal- "Estupendo"

Arsenal, have come out with their second single off of their recent multi collabrative LP Lotuk, with the single "Estupendo". There is a new video for the track also, that features guest vocals from singer Scott Mason, from the Chicago band Office. Their newest Lp, 'Lotuk' sees the band experimenting and performing with various guest vocalists and performers on the new album, just like as in their first single of the same name, which saw the group working with singer Shawn Smith from the bands Brad and Satchel. Also appearing on the album are singers Cortney Tidwell, Mike Ladd and Grant Hart from Husker Du.

Arsenal- "Estupendo":

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Mag said...

Oh, dear S.!
This is such a great song! I love it! I need this album right now!
Thanks a lot!!!! :)