Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hotel Lights- Firecracker People

You may be familiar with singer/songwriter Darren Jessee even if you haven't heard of his latest project, Hotel Lights. Jessee is the former Ben Folds Five drummer and co-songwriter. Under the Hotel Lights moniker Jessee is out with his second LP, Firecracker People, produced by Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse, Camper van Beethoven). The album is largely a mid-tempo affair built around Jessee's warm comforting voice and easy delivery. With his strong acoustic guitar playing and introspective lyrics Jessee lends an intimate vibe to the LP, especially on the title track "Firecracker People" and the opener "Blue Always Finds Me", while "Down" & "Dream State Flying" build from subtle acoustic numbers into budding electric rockers. Diversifying things are piano filled tracks “Amelia Bright”, which is from back in Jessee’s days with Ben Folds Five, which has a lighthearted upbeat melody, and the infectious “Norina” which is a hook filled number with down-tempo lyrics.

Listen to Hotel Lights on myspace.

HOTEL LIGHTS "Blue Always Finds Me" from Firecracker People on Vimeo.

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That's very beautiful, I love it.