Friday, August 22, 2008

Lackthereof- Your Anchor

Lackthereof is the solo project from Menomena drummer Danny Seim. For fans of Menomena or otherwise that are unfamiliar with Seim's solo work, Seim has been putting out his solo projects since the late 90's. In fact his latest, Your Anchor will actually be his 9th release, but his first with some major label backing (Barsuk).
Seim is literally a one man band on his latest work, from playing every instrument you hear, to singing all the vocals, 'Your Anchor' is totally self produced. Where one man shows can often end up lacking in one area or another, Seim holds the album tightly together with a strong rythm section, which not surprisingly is highlighted by Seim setting the pace with his drumming.
With a sound reminiscent of the days of Lou Barlow and Sebadoh, lackthereof brings a lo-fi touch to songs like the opener "Chest Pass", with it's rumbling bass and textured vocals and the lazy slow churner "Locked Upstairs". Two tracks not to be missed are the catchty yet grungy "Last November" with an infectious chorus, as well as gorgeously melodic "Ask Permission".

Listen to lackthereof.
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