Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Greg Laswell-Three Flights From Alto Nido

The last time that we heard from singer/songwriter Greg Laswell was a few months back at a performance with the Hotel Cafe tour where he almost stole the show. Fast forward to this summer and Laswell is out with a brand new disc Three Flights From Alto Nido . On the new disc, just like on his 2006 full length 'Through Toledo', Laswell crafts piano driven pop melodies that invite the listener into his personal journey's of love, loss and letting go. If you've ever seen Greg perform live then you know he's not afraid to get personal, often delving into tales from his life, whether it's family relationships or stories from his love life between songs. In fact Laswell has said that the new album was shaped around the fact that 2007 was a difficult and strange year for just about all of his friends and family members, and it shows.
Throughout the album is a recurring theme of loss and recovery, on tracks like "Comes and Goes(in waves)", which features brilliant backing vocals from Molly Jenson, Laswell sings of a loneliness and a yearning for answers. The single from the album "How The Day Sounds" reflects on the aftermath of a lost love, but displays an acceptance for the place he's currently in. Further exploring the healing process is the opener "It's Been a Year" with the lyric ..."I should have known better to pick up that god damn phone, but i don't" ..."but you sound so sweet". Other tracks not to miss on the album are "Day's Go On" with it's soft electronic beats and "That it Moves".
Laswell has said that the term 'alto nido' in Spanish means a high nest, and that on 'Three flights up...' it implies that you're on your way to a high nest, even if you're not quite there yet.

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