Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Song of the Week: The Hill and Wood-"Vacant Spaces" in Brooklyn Frid. 12/16

The fist thing that came to my mind when I heard the new album from The Hill and Wood was, damn why didn't I find this album just a few weeks ago. You see I've been making up my year end 'Best Of' list and I think this one might have found it's way on it had I discovered it sooner. The Charlottesville,Virginia based band dropped their self titled debut last month, drawing some comparisons to Wilco, and even Radiohead. The LP was a few years in the making as founder Sam Bush saw the band go through some lineup changes before finding the perfect fit. For long time fans it must have been worth the wait as the album is an impressive debut. The stunning opening track, "Vacant Spaces" sets the tone with a mix of simple yet intricate percussion, strings and synth, with Bush and Juliana Daugherty's vocals floating above. Give a listen below and stream the whole album over on the bands bandcamp page HERE.
And if your in the NYC area, the band will be playing a show this Friday night at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn, so you can check them out in person.

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