Monday, December 5, 2011

Siskiyou- 'Keep Away The Dead'

I've spoken in the past about the band Siskiyou and their track, "Twigs and Stones." It got the nod for our 'Song of the Week' several weeks ago, but I wanted to delve deeper into their album. The band which is made up of former Great Lake Swimmers members Erik Arnesen and Colin Huebert released their new LP, Keep Away The Dead this past October. Huebert recorded in Mara, Canada a small town of 350 people, and wrote the base of the songs while Erik Arnesen was on tour, with the songs taking shape once the pair came together. I've heard the album get mentioned in the same breath as Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago and it's a pretty valid comparison in my opinion. The LP's mood  feels like it was made in a desolate locale, it is filled with quiet, gentle arrangements like, "Sing Me to Sleep" and "So Cold," and rich slow builders such as, "Twigs and Stones" and "Fiery Death." It's an album with many layers, moments of intimacy, a sparseness which could be highlighted by the sad and beautiful, "Where Does That Leave Me" which is my personal favorite at the moment.
With each listen you'll find another hidden gem. You can start listening by streaming the album below.

Keep Away the Dead - SISKIYOU by Constellation Records
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Shortwaveboy said...

Great album. I had a High Fidelity moment in my local record shop last week and picked this up on vinyl after hearing only a couple of songs.