Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Song of the Week': Down Like Silver- "Wolves"

This weeks 'Song of the Week' comes from the new Peter Bradley Adams & Caitlin Canty project, Down Like Silver. I first became familiar with Adams from his work in another great male/female vocal duo, called EastMountainSouth, which had a brilliant track called,  'You Dance." The pair split a while back, and Bradley went on to do solo work putting out three albums on his own. Now linking up with NYC singer/songwriter Caitlin Canty, Adams is back with, Down Like Silver. The pair just came out with a new self-titled EP. I heard their new track, "Wolves" last week, and it's one that has been on constant repeat ever since. Give a listen below or check out their gorgeous new B&W video for the track, which was directed by Jeff Martin.
downlikesilver on bandcamp

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