Friday, December 9, 2011

Get to Know: Yuko

I had the chance to live in Belgium for most of 2007-09, and in fact it was while living overseas that I started this blog. Trying to find work and learn two new languages wasn't the easiest thing, and I needed a creative outlet, so BTB was born. While over there I had the chance to discover some new artists that I otherwise probably would have never found or heard. One of which was Yuko, who put out a great 2008 debut, For Times When Ears Are Sore. The project has been descibed as electonica, post-rock, ambient, folktonica, a pretty wide spectrum, all of which have some merit.
I just found out recently that the band is back with their follow-up to '08's debut with a new record called, As If We Were Dancing, which sees the band expanding on their already diverse sound. Here's what frontman Kristof Deneijs had to say about creating the new LP, "We kept making new versions until they felt right. But now it really is the record we wanted to make! It sounds as a huge cliché, but we actually needed the first record to be able to make this new one. I feel like we have closed a chapter, like the two records are one whole. We started out with nice, dreamy melodies that evolved into more danceable rhythms. Intimate and dreamy, the perfect mix of melancholic, yet still very lively tracks.”

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