Monday, May 19, 2008

Scorcese on board for new Sinatra biopic??

According to the Canadian outlet Sun Media, a new biopic on Rat Packer Frank Sinatra is in the works with Martin Scorcese slated to be doing the directing. It hasn't been officially announced yet, but Sinatra's daughter Tina who would also be the film's producer recently said in an interview when talk of Scorcese's name being linked to the film came up..... "Oh, go ahead and print it, I don't care!".
Commenting on if the film will touch on the past rumors that her father was involved in organized crime, she said .... "He never drove the getaway car." ... "I don't want him to be driving the getaway car. That would not be fair. But I trust him (Scorsese) implicitly."
As for who would play Sinatra we'll have to wait and see i guess. Who would you want to see play Ol' Blue Eyes????

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