Monday, May 12, 2008

New music- Red Light Company

The UK group Red Light Company came out with their new Ep last week titled With The Lights Out. The infectious title track off the three song Ep "With The Lights Out" is powerful anthemic Arcade Fire'ish rock. The track is the story of singer Richard Frenneaux's boyhood friend who took his own life, of which Frenneaux explained .....“I had a childhood friend who committed suicide, he folded his clothes up neatly by the side of a lake, overdosed on sleeping pills, then just walked in. The song is based around a letter you would write, if you could still communicate with them, covering the denial as well as acceptance of their departure and loss". The other two tracks on the Ep "First We Land" and "Sinking Ship" are piano filled driving alt-rock that seems destined to be played in large arena's someday. Powerful stuff from a band that is relatively new on the scene, only being a year or so old.
The group has already toured with the Editors and is already planning to release a new single in July which will be followed up with a new album which is scheduled to come out this coming Fall.

Red Light Company on Myspace.

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