Friday, May 23, 2008

Devotchka on Conan O'Brien

Think you haven't heard of Devotchka before??? Well you probably have. If you've seen the movie Little Miss Sunshine then you've heard the band in action, as the movie helped put the band on the map. The group hail from Denver but sound as if their from a hilltop in Serbia somewhere, with their Eastern European, multi instrumental ecclectic sounds. Devotchka brought those sounds to the Conan O'Brien show last week with a performance of "The Clockwise Witness" off of their newest release A Mad And Faithful Telling .

Devotchka- "The Clockwise Witness":


Tito said...

I saw Devotchka play this week-- it was INCREDIBLE! I can't believe how great they all are together. It was a thrilling show.

BurntheBowery said...

Haven't seen these guys live yet, but am anxiously awaiting the chance. your lucky!!!