Friday, February 10, 2012

Horse Feathers announce new album, Cynic's New Year

There's a lot of bands from the Pacific Northwest that do the folk genre, but there may not be one that nails it down  better than Horse Feathers. The  Portland based group led by Justin Ringle are readying their fourth full-length, Cynic’s New Year, due out on April 17th via Kill Rock Stars. The new 12-song disc is produced by Point Juncture, WA's Skyler Norwood, who recently worked with Blind Pilot and Talkdemonic. The new album is said to have Ringle and the band expanding their quiet setup to 11 members playing instruments ranging from French horn, piano and bells, to upright bass and banjo, according to the press release. No new tunes have been leakes as of yet but stay tuned, and check out the tracklist below.

Cynic’s New Year Tracklist:
1. A Heart Arcane
2. Last Waltz
3. Pacific Bray
4. So Long
5. Where I’ll Be
6. Nearly Old Friends
7. Fit Against the Country
8. Better Company
9. Bird on a Leash
10. Fire to Fields
11. Elegy for Quitters
12. Summer for Capricorns

Watch an interview we did w/ Justin from 2008 in Belgium.

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