Friday, February 24, 2012

Eamon Mcgrath, 'Young Canadians'

Raspy voiced Canadian singer, Eamon McGrath is coming out with a new album, Young Canadians this April 10 via White Whale Records. McGrath's music which has been called folk-punk, is far ranging in it's influences and sound, which continues on the new disc according to Eamon. (Via Exclaim) "This is a lot more diverse in sound. It's way more all over the map. There's a lot of noise on it but then there's some tender country songs." The press release notes that the patriotic themed LP was "conceived during a coffee and Baileys-fuelled writing session after Sidney Crosby's winning goal that signalled Canada's 2010 gold medal victory against the USA." The resulting songs are filled with "lovers, regrets, secrets, guitars, alcohol, ghosts, dive bars, and motels." With McGrath adding that the new songs look at "the experiences I've had being Canadian and trying to figure out what about this country defines it."

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