Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get to Know: Kandle

Thanks to a reader tip from up in Canada, I recently discovered  the young and talented, Kandle Osborne, aka Kandle. The 20 year old from Victoria, BC & Montreal is the daughter of Neil Osborne (also her producer), singer and guitarist for 5440. She obviously grew up in a house where music played a major influence, and at 16 she began her own band called, The Blue Violets with her sister Coral. In 2010, she began focusing in on her own work, ultimately creating the six tracks that would become her first solo record/EP. The self titled EP came out in 2011, and features the sultry track, "Know My Name."

You can grab the 6 track EP over on her Bandcamp page now for whatever price you choose. Get it while it's hot.
Special thanks to Cassie for the heads up.

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