Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get to know: Arrange

What to do when your 18 years old and you can't get into half the shows your even playing in? Such is the problem of young phenom, Malcom Lacey aka Arrange. That's what Lacey recently joked on his Facebook page, saying that he needs fake ID for 90% of shows happening in his home base of Portland. Originally hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Arrange has had the blogosphere buzzing with a series releases from 2010 until now that feature his gorgeous brand of electronic dreamy pop. Fans in love with his music will have a treat come this Valentines day, as Arrange will be releasing his latest 7-track EP, Five Years With The Sun via JUKBOXR.  Give it a test ride below, and check out his website for all the latest tour details.

Arrange - Five Years With The Sun [JUKBOXR005] by JUKBOXR-label

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