Monday, December 7, 2009

A Weather ready their sophomore LP

Continuing the trend of great folk based music coming out Portland, Oregan, the band A Weather will release their sophomore album Everyday Balloons this coming March 2, 2010 via Team Love Records. The group which formed back in 2006 and released their understated debut, 'Cove' in '08 are said to have taken a more electric approach on the new disc, led by the album opener "Third of Life" which introduces fans to the new broadened dynamics. 'Everyday Balloons' was recorded by engineer Adam Selzer (M. Ward, The Decemberists) at Portland's Type Foundry Studios.

Track listing for Everyday Balloons:
1. Third of Life
2. Winded
3. Ducks
4. Seven Blankets
5. Midday Moon
6. Newfallen
7. No Big Hope
8. Fond
9. Happiness
10. Giant Stairs
11. Lay Me Down

A Weather on myspace.

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