Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shearwater announce new album plans-giveaway mp3

Back in 2008 these guys released the critically acclaimed album, Rook, which was the bands second overall. Now the Austin, TX based band is geared up for the release of their 3rd full length work, The Golden Archipelago  on Feb 23rd. The frontman of Shearwater and former Okkervil River member, Jonathan Meiburg is said to have written the ambitious new LP largely about man’s impact on the natural world.
Here's some of what the press release from their label Matador had to say about the upcoming disc ..."In The Golden Archipelago, Shearwater turn to a portrait of life on islands – a world of alternating lushness and austerity, numinous silences and sudden cataclysms, and the strange flowerings of plant, animal, and human life that only arise in isolation. These are intimate subjects for songwriter Jonathan Meiburg. As a researcher, he’s camped on islands at the edges of the world, including the Falklands, Tierra del Fuego, the Galapagos, Madagascar, Nunavut, and New Zealand’s Chatham Islands, and once spent a few surreal months in a remote Aboriginal settlement in northern Australia. Adding his grandfather’s WWII experiences as a radio operator in the South Pacific to these travels gave Meiburg plenty of fodder for the songs of The Golden Archipelago, in which he weaves these times and places together with common feelings of wonder, grief, and defiance."

The first MP3 from The Golden Archipelago, “Castaways” is also available as a free download over on the Matador site if you go here.

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