Friday, June 6, 2008

Ray LaMontagne- New album in Fall

Ray LaMontagne will coming out with his 3rd album in September, Gossip In The Grain . The album sees the return of producer Ethan Johns who in the past has worked with Ryan Adams.
According to LaMontagne's website the forthcoming disc will be more of a group affair than previous releases, as members of LaMontagne's touring band, bassist Jennifer Condos and guitarist Eric Heywood, with Johns mostly on drums round out the main players. There is even a guest appearance on two tracks by singer Leona Naess.

LaMontagne says of the new work ..."It was time to open up a little bit more, not be quite so reserved in my choice of songs that I wanted to record. I'm really very critical of myself and it's sort of a process of opening up. I felt like I was in the right space to show that side of myself."

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