Thursday, June 5, 2008

give a listen - Ten Kens

Coming off of being newly signed to Fat Cat records, the Toronto group Ten Kens are releasing their debut double A sided single Bear Fight/Y'all Come Back Now . The band which formed back in 2003 has drawn some heavy comparisons to groups such as Liars, Arcade Fire and even Destroyer.
The song "Bear Fight" is all explosive energy complete with soaring vocals over furied drumming. "Y'all Come Back Now" shows a different side of the band as it slows things down a bit with a lo-fi reverb soaked shuffle that would make Sonic Youth proud.

The single 'Bear Fight/Y'all Come Back Now' comes out on June 10th in the US & June 9th in the UK & the rest of the world, and is the pre-cursor to the groups debut LP, which is scheduled for an Autumn 2008 release.

Listen to Ten Kens on Myspace.

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