Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KaiserCartel- March Forth

Courtney Kaiser and Ben Cartel, who make up the indie-folk duo KaiserCartel, are out with a new LP March Forth. The new disc which was produced by Matt Hales aka Aqualung, plays right into the bands strengths, utilizing the warm soft harmonies and the playfulness of the pair. Perfect examples of which are the opener "Oh No" and the track "Okay" which has a beautiful give an take between the two on the verse. Courtney, who was a back up singer for John Mellancamp has an old school quality about her voice that reminds one of an old country starlet from years gone by, and she showcases it on tracks like "Good Ones" and "Free Will Zone" which are both standouts on the album. The duo trade lead vocal duties throughout 'March Forth', as Ben takes over on the vulnerable "Inside Out" and the carefree "Favorite Song".
Part of what makes KaiserCartel (which is an actual couple outside of the band) work so well is that they convey an openness in the music that translates to the listener. It has an engaging quality to it, that it's not just as if your a fly on the wall to the relationship between the two, but an old friend who's seen the relationship grow through good times and bad. 'March Forth' is out now on Blue Hammock music.

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