Friday, June 13, 2008

new music to check out- Weinland

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and it just freezes you dead in your tracks? Well that's what happened the first time we heard the song "Sick As A Gun" by the Portland band Weinland just recently. The song is from the bands La Lamentor CD and it isn't the only gem the band has to offer.
The group who were originally called John Weinland after lead singer John Adam Weinland Shearer, craft delicate haunting songs of loss, desperation and even glimmers of hope. On La Lamentor, Shearer (who worked in the mental health field w/emotionally disturbed children for six years) chronicles much of the pain and hardships that he encountered while in the field, along with battles in his own personal life.
Other standout tracks to check out besides "Sick As A Gun", include "God Here I Come", "Gold", "With You Without You" and the title track "La Lamentor".
Weinland's work on La Lamentor already has us looking ahead to 2008's year end list, where they just may have reserved a spot.

Give a listen to Weinland here.

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