Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The War on Drugs- and were not talkin' Nancy Reagan

Philly's The War on Drugs who have a new full length hitting stores this June, have made available a free download of their 2006 Ep Barrel of Batteries. If you haven't checked them out yet, the Ep is a good place to start. Think Wilco at their trippier moments mixed with maybe a hint of some Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen. Singer Adam Granduciel's voice is one of the more fresher compelling young voices around today and brings an undeniable urgency to the band's sound.
You can grab a free download of the group's Barrel of Batteries Ep here.
Also, you can preview three new songs off the band's upcoming full length Wagonwheel Blues which comes out in June on their myspace, which features the killer track "A Needle In Your Eye 16".

photo credit: Brad Love

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