Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get to Know: Hayden

Hayden's newest album In Field & Town has been out in Canada since 2007, but just finds its release in the US this week on Fat Possum records. Hayden has been putting out records since the mid 90's relatively under the radar in the States, but has been steadily gaining steam since 2004's Elk-Lake Serenade which featured the fantastic slow builder "Dynamite Walls". His sound is mostly acoustic, easy & laid back on the new album mixing in some horns, xylophone and piano along the way. Be sure to check out the tracks "Where and When", "Worthy of Your Esteem" and "More Than Alive"

Hayden is currently finding himself being exposed to much wider audiences as he has been touring for the past few weeks with fellow Canadien Feist . After wrapping up on that tour he will be heading across the states on his own thru May & June.

Here's his video for "Dynamite Walls"

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