Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new music- Dead Leaf Echo

It's not everyday you would put the terms moody and dark in the same sentence with shoegaze to describe a band's sound. But NYC trio Dead Leaf Echo take those sounds collectively and turn them on their head. With the new 6 track Ep Pale Fire , the group delivers its dreamy array of swirling guitars and heavy dense soundscape. The opening tracks "Warm Body" and "Thought Talk" set the early brooding tone, but about 3/4 thru Thought Talk the band steps it into a different gear and sets the listener up for the rest of the Ep. The tracks "Tears" and "Cry The Sea" with their layered guitars and vocals and tempo changes bring to mind 90's bands like Lotion & Swervedriver. The track "Palefire" which is mixed by electro wondermind Ulrich Schnauss and logs in at over 7 min's shows the band at its finest, delivering a full on sonic assault.

The band has two shows coming up on the east coast:
May 10 Metro Gallery w/Thrushes in Baltimore, Maryland
May 15 Trash Bar w/The Soundscapes Brooklyn, NY

To take a listen to Dead Leaf Echo, you can head over to the group's myspace.

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