Thursday, April 24, 2008

Duffy- Album release in the States

Soulful 60's throwback Duffy, is the Welsh songstress who has seen her star rocket in the UK in 2008 off of her big selling singles "Mercy" and "Rockferry". Her debut album Rockferry is finally seeing a release date in the US, hitting stores on May 13th on Island records. Her retro sounds have been compared a plenty to Amy Winehouse, but Duffy probably takes more of a classical motown approach then Winehouse. Think more along the lines of Dusty Springfield, meets Joss Stone with a splash of Winehouse in there somewhere. The single "Mercy" is available on i-tunes in the States and has seen rotation on VH1.

Take a look at her new video for her next single "Warwick Avenue".

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