Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Samantha Crain: Debut full length coming this Spring

Up and coming 22 year old singer/songwriter Samantha Crain has announced plans for her full length debut disc, Songs In the Night to be released this coming April 28th. Crain brings a unique voice and sound to the traditional Americana/Folk standard, the best of which I've heard described as "... a voice like Billie Holiday's trippin' kid sister raised on T.Rex demos and Radiohead ballads...", from the River Cities Reader.
The new full length is the follow up to her EP from earlier this year, 'The Confiscation'. Crain recorded the debut discs twelve tracks, over a five day period at Echo Mountain Studios, working with producer Danny Kadar (My Morning Jacket,Grizzly Bear,& The Avett Brothers), along with her band the Midnight Shivers (Jacob Edwards, Andrew Tanz and Stephen Sebastian). If you head on over to Crain's myspace now, you can preview the track “Get the Fever Out” from Songs In the Night. Also below you can take a look at a mini-documentary that gives a nice insight to the Oklahoma based Crain.

Songs in the Night tracklist:
1. Rising Sun
2. Songs in the Night
3. Long Division
4. Get the Fever Out
5. Bananafish Revolution
6. Scissor Tales
7. Devils In Boston
8. Bullfight (Change Your Mind)
9. Calm Down
10. You Never Know
11. The Dam Song

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