Thursday, December 18, 2008

Burn The Bowery: Favorites of 2008

20 Sigur Ros- Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
19 Weinland- La Lamentor
18 Lykke Li- Youth Novels
17 The War On Drugs- Wagonwheel Blues
16 Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes
15 The Secret Life of Sofia- Seven Summits
14 Laura Marling- Alas I Cannot Swim
13 Wye Oak- If Children
12 The Dodos- Visiter
11 Land Of Talk- Some Are Lakes

10 City and Colour- Bring Me Your Love
In what was a very good year for acoustic/folk based music, this one flew way under the radar. This solo project from Dallas Green is passionate and effortless. The man simply has a killer voice.

9 Point Juncture, Wa- Heart to Elk
This one may have appeared even higher if we just didn't recently come across it. Although it's still relatively new to our ears, it had to be included in the top 10. Gorgeous, dreamy, textured pop gems that seem to build and build.

8 Blitzen Trapper- Furr
Our 3rd entry from Portland in the top 20, Blitzen Trapper deliver a detailed new album that grows on you with each listen. Great rootsy old Americana feel, with excellent harmonies.

7 Jessica Lea Mayfield- With Blasphemy So Heartfelt
Amazing debut from the 19 year old Mayfield. Strong album from start to finish and she sounds wise beyond her years. A distinct fresh voice that we think you'll be hearing a lot of for years to come.

6 Helio Sequence- Keep Your Eyes Ahead Our 4th Portland band in the top 20,the album features two of the years strongest tracks in, "Lately' and "Shed Your Love". Singer Brandon Summers severely damaged his vocal cords, which led the band to re-invent it's sound. The result is an ambitious album that beautifully blends, indie rock and folk, with ambient and synth led numbers.

5 Ra Ra Riot- The Rhumb Line If you know the story of the tragedy the band went through, losing there drummer John Ryan Pike to a drowning accident while recording the LP, you can't help but feel the heartbreak that plays out on the disc. Pike wrote some of the LP's most ironic tracks such as, "Dying is Fine" and "Ghost Under the Rocks." Excellent melodic indie rock album.

4 She Keeps Bees- Nests
In a music world that is often times lacking some true soul to it, She Keeps Bees delivers. The NYC powerful two piece is gritty and raw, and frontwoman Jessica Larrabee is one of the finest there is.

3 Damien Jurado- Caught In The Trees
Usually known for his fictional storytelling prowess, Jurado gets personal on his latest disc and delivers his best work yet. For a guy that's been around as long as he has, it's about time he gets recognized for this disc.

2 Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
What can you say, the guy had a killer year, but still one that I just kept coming back to again and again. One of the years most intimate records. It truly takes you away to that cabin in the Wisconsin woods, where you can feel the despair.

1 Frightened Rabbit- The Midnight Organ Fight
Raw, visually blundt, emotional, exceptionally strong songwwriting. Plays out very cinematically with a beginning, middle and end. You won't find a better album from start to finish then this one.


Chebs said...

Could not agree more..Frightened Rabbit are one of the best bands of this generation and the writing is amazingly brilliant!! Mon the FRABBIT!!


John said...

Great list pretty close to what mine would be except I dont really like the Ra Ra Riot album.