Friday, March 21, 2008

Ghosts I've Met- "Patience" is a virtue

In the world of the Americana/alt country/folk sound, there's enough bland bands & singer song writers out there to make you think that the genre is about all dried up. While most of it is generic at best or lacking any real emotion, my faith in the sound that i used to love has been wearing thin.
But PATIENCE it seems has a way of paying off. I just recently discovered the project from Sam Watts called Ghosts I've Met and he has a new Ep titled "Payphone Patience". It's tracks are filled with simple tenderly crafted arrangements, the highlight of which is the title track off the EP "Payphone Patience". In my book it's already in the running for best song of 2008!! Another standout is "Ghost in the Snow" with it's beautiful backround vocals and sorrow filled violin.

Watts created Ghosts I've Met back in 2005 in Seattle and it has featured a rotating cast of characters, which includes Darren Jessee from another unheralded band called Hotel Lights . Also found on the Ep are Ben Blankenship(Modest Mouse), Brent Arnold (Built to spill, Modest Mouse) who also did the recording, Jen Turner (Joseph Arthur) & Margaret White (Sparklehorse,Cat Power) to name a few.

Although Ghosts just released the Ep earlier this month Watts will head back into the studio in April to work on a new full length with some of the same players from the Ep,namely Darren Jessee. It will be called "Gunpowder City" & recording is taking place in the West Texas town of Marfa.


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