Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Debut video from William Fitzsimmons

William has a new video up on youtube for his song "It's Not True" off of his 2007 release "Goodnight". The album was self produced and was based from start to finish about his parents divorce.

Here's William in his own words about the album....
"Goodnight" is meant to serve as a fully-themed and coherent story of the dissoloution a family. It just happened to be my own that I was using as a reference. But I also wanted it to serve as a musical and lyrical piece which those who have been through any type of break-up (or break-down), whether relationship or otherwise, could find connection and universality in. Each of us may have our own unique experiences in life...but I think we can all understand loss - and understand the desire to find wholeness and health following a loss. Is there sadness is the record? Yes. Absolutely. BUT, is there hope in it? Yes. Absolutely.

The video was directed by Dave Hill. check it out!!

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