Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Devotchka- Globetrotting into your living room

Devotchka is one of those bands that you've probably actually heard without knowing it. The band reached broader audiences when being featured on the supposed indie film "Little Miss Sunshine", which then proceeded to reach box office and critical success alike.
Have you ever wanted to take that month long vacation and just travel the globe??? But couldn't afford it or didn't have the time? .... well Devotchka is back with a new album "A Mad and Faithful Telling", and that trip has arrived on your doorstep. It's not often that you hear these labels ...world music,eastern european folk,american roots and punk in the same review, and nevermind associated with Denver Colorado, where the band is based. Devotchka's four members which sound like a full orchestra at times, enlist a violin, a sousaphone, accordian, and trumpet, somehow making the ecclectic mix work. Listening to " A Mad and Faithful Telling" you'll feel your walking on a hillside in Serbia one minute and the next driving on route 66 across the states. The album is rich with diverse sounds, from the rocking "Transliterator", to the folk croon of "Along the Way" filled with some mariachi trumpet. Some other highlights on the album are "The Clockwise Witness" and the closing track "A New World" which seems fitting if giving them a listen for the first time.
The band is known for it's dynamic live performances and are heading out on a tour across Europe thru most of April, and will be hitting the States from late april through May so far.
You can give a listen to the full album " A Mad and Faithful Telling" out on Anti records for a limited time on the bands myspace page.


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