Thursday, March 27, 2008

Consumer music news ... I-tunes & Satellite Radio

Apple and the music industry have been in serious talks to make entire music libraries of the major record labels available on I-tunes for a possible one time fee. In what Apple has said to have proposed to the music execs, users would pay a one-time or a monthly fee to access every song by a major-label artist via Apple's I-Tunes music store. According to most music industry insiders, the deal depends on the price Apple decides to charge for the access to the labels catalogues. It's been rumored that Apple has so far only offered $20 per unit.

... In other music Biz news the two Satellite rival radio companies XM & Sirius have been granted antitrust clearance to merge both companies into one. The justice dept. concluded that there is enough competition out there for the companies with Mp3 players, AM/FM radio and mobile phones competing for business. The deal had been in the works since early 2007 and still needs the approval of the FCC but the anti-trust hurdle was still a major victory. How does this effect the consumer is still undetermined but it's been said that the merger could bring down significantly the price of the radio's being sold if the companies are combined?

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