Monday, May 20, 2013

The Bony King of Nowhere- "On My Way Home" + N. America Tour

An old blog favorite from my days living in Belgium, The Bony King of Nowhere is embarking on a short North American tour starting tomorrow. It's a rare appearance across the Atlantic, so if you're on the West coast or in Canada you should really try to check him out. Take a watch of this beautiful live session of "On My Way Home" he played for the folks at Bruxellesmabelle.

Upcoming Tour Schedule: 
May 21 CoHo , Stanford, CA
May 23 Amnesia, San Francisco, CA w/ Upside Drown
May 29 sam bond's garage , Eugene, OR w/ Laura Cortese
June 2 The Alberta Rose Theatre , Portland, OR w/ The Americans
June 6 Columbia City Theater , Seattle WA w/ Pocket Panda and Thousands
June 11 Melodies in Mind radio session w/ Ryan Fletcher, Vancouver, CA
June 20 Le Sous-Bois, Chicoutimi, CANADA
June 21 La Petite Boite Noire, Sherbrooke, CANADA
June 22 Le Bal du Lézard, Québec, CANADA
June 25 Le Quai des Brumes, Montréal, CANADA

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