Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Song of the Week: Gregory Alan Isakov- "Saint Valentine"

Boulder, Colorado's Gregory Alan Isakov is readying his third full length album, The Weatherman. He recently gave fans a first taste of the upcoming LP with a new song titled "Saint Valentine."
Isakov had this to say about his forthcoming release ... "I wanted to make something that felt genuine. We recorded everything with analogue gear and mixed it on tape, which gave the songs a raw and vulnerable feeling." ... "The idea of a weatherman is really powerful. There's this guy on television or on the radio telling us the future, and nobody cares. It's this daily mundane miracle, and I think the songs I chose are about noticing the beauty in normal, everyday life."
The Weatherman hits store shelves this July 9th, and be sure to check his website for the latest tour information HERE.

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