Friday, May 3, 2013

Stream David Ramirez's New EP 'The Rooster'

Austin musician David Ramirez has become a big favorite of mine over the last six months or so, starting with his epic 2012 full length Apologies. Also over the last several months Ramirez has been teasing tracks from a brand new 5 song EP titled 'The Rooster', and everything I've heard so far has had me counting down the days to it's May 6th release date. Fortunately for those impatient like myself you don't have to wait until next Mon. to hear the whole EP, as Ramirez is sharing it over at American Songwriter. Here's a little bit of what he had to say about his latest work....

Via American Songwriter-(click HERE for the full article)

In September of last year I released a full length album titled Apologies. It was a very “heart on the sleeve” journey through some of my regrets and remorse. I’ve healed since then in a lot of ways and I have an itch to discuss it. A Rooster, as we know, introduces the dawn. It’s an opportunity for us to try again; to be new.
Although I’m now writing more about love, this isn’t an upbeat pop record. I’m still carrying my low-tempo melancholy self through these beautiful new moments. “Fire of Time” is a confession of who I’ve become but resolves with being reminded who I was and who I can be. “The Bad Days” is an acknowledgement that love itself isn’t enough. There will be days we can’t stand one another but it takes work and effort if we intend to see our love through. “Glory” is a beautiful lullaby. Sweet, simple, and lovely. I revisit some old themes in “Don’t Call Me Cryin,” and “The Forgiven” is entirely new ground for me where I discuss my observations in the relationship between an audience and their artists.

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