Friday, January 27, 2012

Ohbijou- "Mossy Lungs"

Here's a new one called "Mossy Lungs" from the Canadian band Ohbijou. It's beautiful and dreamy like everything else the band produces, with singer Casey Mecija's vocals floating through the track. The recently released song comes from their Metal Meets sessions, which apparently didn't make the album at the time. It's a song near and dear to the band about the house they used to live & practice in. Here's what Casey Mecija had to say about the song: "Mossy Lungs was a song written after myself and my sister got evicted from a house we used to live in. It was full of mold and as soon as we asked the landlord to get it checked out he started the process of evicting us. We lived, practiced, gathered at that house on Bellwoods Ave. and it was a big loss for myself and my sister."

Give a listen to "Mossy Lungs" below & be sure to check out their 3rd & latest album, Metal Meets, which is out now via Last Gang.

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